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Efficiently Drive Your Engagement with Comment Generator for Instagram

Engage without burning out: Add Comment Generator for Instagram to your engagement strategy and write genuine comments with ease.

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"The extension is very helpful in our Dollar Eighty engagement strategy where we need to comment to 90 accounts per day. It helps us grow our account engagement."

Janille - Testimonial Comment Generator for Instagram

Janilee V.

Social Media Manager
Comment Generator

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Commenting is an essential technique for capturing people's attention in any engagement strategy. However, writing quality comments isn't easy. With Comment Generator, you can now effortlessly create authentic comments on Instagram within seconds.


Every generated comment is unique and tailored to the post's caption.

Remove language barrier

Generate comments in English, German, Hindi or any other language.

Worried about automation?

With Comment Generator, you're always in control: Review and edit your comment before posting.

Comment Generator for Instagram

How Comment Generator for Instagram works

Comment Generator is a browser extension available in the Chrome Web Store. You can choose from four different commenting styles: Genuinely agree, politely disagree, act surprised and be funny.

The extension doesn't need to be connected to your Instagram account as it runs on top of in your browser.

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"This is freakin brilliant ✌🏼 I subscribed because I ran out of free comments too quickly lol. I'm using the extension multiple times a day!! It literally makes engaging FUN again✌🏼😎🤩"

Janille - Testimonial Comment Generator for Instagram

Tanya Anne

Content Marketing Specialist
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How to get started

1. Installation

Install the browser extension from the Chrome Web Store.

2. Sign up with email

Enter your email address in the extension's popup to start your 7-day free trial.

3. Start engaging

Confirm your email, open and execute your engagement strategy.

Evoke authentic reactions

This case study shows how Comment Generator can drive genuine engagement on Instagram. It demonstrates that comments produced by Comment Generator evoke authentic reactions.

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Recent IG Posts by Hashtag

Here is how you can find recent posts
by hashtag for your engagement strategy

Some months ago, Instagram removed a feature to view the most recent posts by hashtag. Ever since, the community has been complaining about it.

That's why I developed a new Chrome extension. It allows you to search by hashtag and view the most recent posts.

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Use this extension in combination with Comment Generator for Instagram to give your engagement a big boost!

Search by Hashtag

View recent posts by hashtag. A feature removed by Instagram a few months ago.

Open posts in new tabs

Open individual posts or all at once in new tabs to start engaging.

Search 10 hashtags daily

Use the daily quota of 10 hashtag searches to optimize your engagement strategy.

Are you ready to grow?

Install Comment Generator for Instagram and start your 7-day free trial now!

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