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Grow your engagement on Instagram or Threads with Comment Generator, an AI-powered browser extension to create engaging comments easily.

"This is a great extension. I love how natural and descriptive the comments are and the best part, we can edit and it feels super safe. I LOVE IT!"

Sumnima - Testimonial Comment Generator for Instagram and Threads

Sumnima Thapa

Business Coach
Comment Generator for Instagram and Threads Screenshot of Comment Generator for Instagram in action

Trusted by 1000+ active users

Customers value Comment Generator because:
⭐️ it cut time drastically and helped relieve work load
⭐️ it has significantly increased meaningful conversations
⭐️ it has helped them to attract new followers
⭐️ it ensures safe use without bans

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Comment Generator

For Instagram

Effortlessly craft genuine comments on Instagram in seconds. Learn more...

Comment Generator

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Come up with original and engaging replies on Threads instantly.
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Here's why customers love Comment Generator

Find out about the unique features that make Comment Generator the best tool for commenting on Instagram and Threads.

Different commenting styles

Comment on a post in either of the following ways: genuinely agree, politely disagree, act surprised or be funny.

Every comment is unique

Comment Generator doesn't use templated comments. Comments are always adapted to the post's caption to allow commenting in a meaningful way.

Review comment before posting

You can review and edit the comment before posting. No comment is ever posted automatically. You are in full control.

Multi-language support

Generate comments in all major European and Non-European languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Hindi or Chinese.

Simple, straight forward pricing

"The price is incredible. 10 min commenting in the morning and 10 at night & im blowing up MY engagement 🎉"

Sumnima - Testimonial Comment Generator for Instagram and Threads

Tanya Anne

Content Marketing Specialist


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Comment Generator has successfully crafted over 250,000 comments on Instagram and Threads, a milestone achieved through the active engagement of its valued customers 😍

"You have a great product! The best part of it is the way people react, people really think I typed it myself. It's amazing."

Customer Testimonails

Lennard Steeman

Founder of creativai.io

"This is freakin brilliant ✌🏼 I subscribed because I ran out of free comments too quickly lol. I'm using the extension multiple times a day!! It literally makes engaging FUN again✌🏼😎🤩"

Customer Testimonails

Tanya Anne

Content Marketing Specialist

"Was mir gut gefällt ist, dass niemand Zugriff auf meinen Account bekommen muss. Und zu Posts, bei denen mir absolut nichts einfällt, sind jetzt Kommentare da 😁"

Customer Testimonails


Marketing Consultant

"I’m loving it!! Your tool is really helpful because my daily tasks involve Instagram engaging and sometimes it is so time consuming to post a comment on other people’s content."

Customer Testimonails

Kisha Marie P.

Social Media Strategist

"Exactly what I needed. My favorite thing is that it's safe. My second favorite thing is alllll the comments are positive, even if the caption is not. Comments are genuine, not robotic. Great help for IG engagement."

Customer Testimonails

Niesha Kennedy-Robinson

PR Professional

"The extention is very helpful in our dollar eighty strategy where we need to comment to 90 accounts per day. It helps us grow our account engagement."

Customer Testimonails

Janilee V.

Social Media Manager

"People respond really well to the comments. It really is a useful tool."

Customer Testimonails

Marco Leyba

Online Marketer

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find an answer to your question below, please get in touch via the contact form, send me an email, or use the live chat in the bottom right corner of this page. I'll get back to you asap.

My trial expired, how can I purchase?
To purchase a plan, just open the extension popup in your Chrome browser and click the button "Subscribe today". Then enter your credit card details. Once completed, refresh Instagram so the subscription changes is updated correctly.
Can I pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay?
Yes. Please get in touch with me and I will forward the checkout page to you.
Why did my free trial end before the 7 days were up?
The free trial has a credit limit of 30 comments associated with it. If you reach this limit, the trial ends, even if the 7-day duration hasn't elapsed. The paid plan has a credit limit of 1500 per month.
Does your extension work in other languages than English?
Yes, the extension can generate comments in all major European and Non-European languages. The language in the caption of the post is decisive.
Will I get blocked from Instagram if I use Comment Generator?
The short answer is no.

Comment Generator is an extension that does not perform any automation on Instagram independently. It's not connected to your Instagram account but runs only in your browser. The user remains the one who sends the comment, making it almost impossible for Instagram to detect the use of the Comment Generator in your account.

However, Instagram might detect and flag AI-generated comments, although this is not very common. This can also occur if you copy and paste text from ChatGPT. Nevertheless, this does not result in your account being blocked by Instagram.

As a rule of thumb, modify the generated comment a little bit and please remember to use this extension responsibly and avoid excessive liking or commenting in short periods of time.

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