A New Start: Comment Generator to Launch a Chrome Extension for Threads

Coming up with original ways to engage and reply on Meta's new Threads app can be really time-consuming. While automating commenting can be a useful way to save time and manage your social media presence, it’s important to maintain authenticity when doing so.

Launching today, Comment Generator for Threads is an innovative Chrome extension designed to transform the way Threads users engage with content, offering authentic and genuine replies tailored to the thread's context.

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How Comment Generator helps you boost your engagement on Threads

By using Comment Generator for Threads to leave genuine replies, you are more likely to spark conversations, gain attention from the content creator, and attract potential followers. Meaningful engagement can lead to lasting connections within the Threads community.⁣

What makes it special

  • This Chrome extension has four unique commenting styles at your fingertips: Genuinely Agree, Politely Disagree, Act Surprised, and Be Funny. Perfect for every mood and thread!
  • Full Control: Every reply is reviewed and edited by you before posting, ensuring authenticity and relevance.⁣
  • Enjoy multi-language support, reaching a global audience
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Authenticity is key: The difference to other commenting bots

Traditional commenting bots have two main disadvantages.

1. They use templated responses

The days when generic and insincere comments like "Nice post", "So cool", or "Great idea" helped you grow your social presence are long gone. Traditional commenting bots still use these or, if at all, allow you to personalize the message. Still, templated responses can never create the genuine engagement you would expect from a real human.

As a Chrome extension, Comment Generator runs on top of Threads.net in your browser and can understand the thread's context and write a reply that adds value to the conversation and demonstrates thoughtful engagement.

2. They put your account at risk

Commenting bots can easily be detected as their commenting behaviour is very extensive and predictable. Most, if not all social networks have algorithms in place to detect automated behaviour and block the user for a certain time or even worse, suspend their accounts.

With Comment Generator, you're always in full control: You can review every reply before posting. The Chrome extension never posts replies to threads automatically.

A Chrome extension loved by many

Comment Generator for Instagram, which uses the same technology, has been around for almost a year and customers rave about the authenticity of the comments:

"You have a great product! The best part of it is the way people react, people really think I typed it myself. It's amazing."

Lennard - Testimonial Comment Generator for Threads

Lennard Steeman

Founder of creativai.io

"This is a great extension. I love how natural and descriptive the comments are and the best part, we can edit and it feels super safe. I LOVE IT!"

Sumnima - Testimonial Comment Generator for Instagram and Threads

Sumnima Thapa

Business Coach

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