About Felix Melchner

Hi, I'm Felix, the creator of Comment Generator.

Portrait of Felix and photos of hobbies

Being a non-native English speaker, I have always struggled to express myself naturally and genuinely on social media, particularly on Instagram. As a photographer, painter, and cat owner, I manage several Instagram accounts, but my engagement has always lagged behind. I just wasn't confident enough to write many comments, and to be honest, I didn't have the time either.

One day, in early 2023, I began experimenting with OpenAI's new Chat API and realized that it was capable of drafting compelling comments. However, it lacked usability as I had to copy the caption from Instagram and paste it into ChatGPT to generate a comment for me.

That's when I came up with the idea to build a Chrome extension that integrates with Instagram's web UI. While at first I developed this only for myself, I quickly realized that I might not be the only one who could benefit from such an extension.

My background

I started working in the software industry in 2014 and currently serve as a product manager at a leading AI company in Germany. Passionate about leveraging AI's potential, I strive to deliver innovative solutions that meet customer needs and drive business success. I find great joy in full stack development, combining my technical skills with a deep appreciation for UX/UI design.

I have a master's degree in International Information Systems (IIS) from Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) in Germany, and I still love and live in my hometown, Nuremberg.

Latest news

2024 is starting with some exciting updates to Comment Generator. I have just released a new Chrome extension for Threads. Head over to Comment Generator for Threads and use it for free for 7 days (30 comments included).

For further queries, please contact me at mail@comment-generator.com or via my social media accounts: